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Multiphase Separation Series (MPSS)

Real-time three phase separation

One of the most desired technology developments in the oil and gas industry is multiphase separation and metering. The Multiphase Series combines gas/liquid and liquid/liquid phase splitting  technology to deliver the industry's first real-time full flow multiphase separation solution.

Multiphase Oil Gas Well Measurement Test Separator MPFM Coriolis
Gas Wells

In a wet gas condition, fluid is separated from a gas stream. The Multiphase Gas Series restructures the flow regime to a stratified flow and collects fluid condensates from the gas stream with no disruption and minimal/no pressure drop.

Simplicity, Immediate Savings


The Multiphase Series can replace large, traditional three-phase separators and deliver a number of valuable benefits including:

  • instant separation, measurement - no retention time 

  • elimination/reduction of costly chemicals used to help separation 

  • substantial space saving through a minimal footprint 

  • removal of particulates (sand) or ensure particulates flow directly through to be collected elsewhere

Oil Wells

In an oil application, the Multiphase Oil Series diverts the gas phase from the liquids. Separation of the liquids occurs by dividing the individual liquid phases without a disruption or delay in the flow.

Individual flow streams of oil, water and gas are measured to LACT quality and can then be recombined or transferred separately depending on the desired result.

Multiphase Oil Gas Well Measurement Test Separator MPFM Coriolis
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