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Multiphase Measurement Series


The Elite Measurement MPMS Series delivers a new level of well testing performance to meet today’s toughest measurement challenges.
MPMS Series

Unlike traditional systems, the Elite MPMS Series is capable of measuring 0-100% watercut without separation, providing real-time data acquisition.


The MPMS Series also solves gas void fraction issues by removing gas from the equation, ensuring truly accurate measurement of the flow regime.


The innovative management system delivers a powerful and flexible solution that:

  • Detects entrained gas

  • Restructures the incoming flow regime

  • Extracts entrained gas

  • Maintains flow velocity

  • Yields minimal pressure drop

  • Provides single-phase flow to the Coriolis meter


Elite's measurement system brings a new, reliable approach that delivers a number of benefits such as:

  • Real-time data acquisition 

  • Measurement without retention

  • Individual phase measurement

  • Watercut 0-100%

  • Handles fluid property changes occurring during pass through

  • Handles live salinity changes in the water fraction

MPMS 1inc PS v1-tran.png

Key Advantages

Elite MPMS Series offers a number of advantages over standard well test units.
  • No plugging

  • No pumps needed

  • Long term repeatability

  • No internal moving parts

  • No steam

  • No chemicals needed

  • No gas needed

  • No water needed

  • Low maintenance cost

  • No complicated PLC programming 

  • No air compressor needed to operate actuators

  • Easy break-in for Operators

  • Small footprint

Multiphase Oil Gas Well Measurement Test Separator MPFM Coriolis

Combination of Benefits

The Elite MPMS Series is designed to improve operations and lower overall costs.
Improved Accuracy


Elite's gas void fraction management system improves measurement accuracy by restructuring the incoming flow regime while maintaining velocity with minimal pressure drop, providing steady single-phase flow to each Coriolis.

Real-time Measurement

Coriolis meters deliver precision measurement through real-time acquisition and reporting of crucial data such as live density for compensation. The watercut meter uses microwave resonance ensuring accurate oil and water (0-100%) testing while compensating for salinity in the water fraction, eliminating the need for lengthy and costly separation.

Low Maintenance


The Elite MPMS Series is highly durable as the flow meter and watercut loop have no moving parts. The full bore design ensures measurement is not impacted by scaling, waxing, or sanding.



The Elite MPMS Series delivers a new class of versatility as it can also deliver precise measurement for wet gas applications by restructuring the flow regime.

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