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Advanced solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon intensity across upstream operations

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Strategic Partner
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Elite Measurement is an Emerson Flow Strategic Partner utilizing Roxar Watercut, Rosemount, Micro Motion Coriolis, Density, Magnetic and Vortex flow technologies to provide customers with the most accurate and reliable Oil & Gas flow measurement solutions.

Accurate Scalable Multiphase Flow Separation & Measurement Solutions

Elite Measurement’s product line focuses on delivering superior asset returns and reducing environmental impact across the most carbon-intensive and critical areas in the production of petroleum and natural gas.

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Reduce emissions. 

Innovative technologies seamlessly remove entrained gases allowing producers to eliminate heater treaters or go tankless

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Eliminate chemicals. 

Through efficient separation, producers can reduce or eliminate the use of harsh chemicals used to treat and separate oil after extraction 

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Lower maintenance.

Legacy designs require multiple pieces of equipment and frequent maintenance which increases likelihood of accidents and spillage into the ground and air

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Conserve landscape.

Well pad configurations require large footprints for multiple pieces of equipment and often the clearing of larger parcels of land and impacting / displacing the soil, vegetation and wildlife



Multiphase Oil Gas Well Measurement Test Separator MPFM Coriolis
Real-Time Separator (RTS)
Multiphase Oil Gas Well Measurement Test Separator MPFM Coriolis
Multiphase Measurement System (MPMS)
Multiphase Separator System
Real-time gas separation from liquid phase or liquid from gas phase
Real-time gas separation plus measurement solution for gas, oil and water
Real-time, three phase separation (oil, gas, water)
Sizing: 1/2" - 16"
Max Temp: 600 F
Flow: 2 - 100,000+ BBD
Sizing: 1/2" - 16"
Max Temp: 600 F
Flow: 2 - 100,000+ BBD
Sizing: 1" - 16"
Max Temp: 600 F
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